Terms of Use

Our terms and conditions comply with Slovene legislation and are designed to ensure that our customers can shop easily and with confidence with styriashirts.­eu. These terms only apply to website sales.

Styria Shirts is a print shop specialising in the Print on Demand sector. The company prints and dispatches orders on a white label basis on behalf of users of its web platform.

Access to the application

By accessing Styria Shirts, as a visitor and/or user, you unconditionally and unreservedly accept the entirety of Styria Shirts's Terms of use defined below. If you do not wish to accept these Terms of use, we ask you not to access this website: accessing it implies acceptance of these Terms of use. Any visit to and/or use of Styria Shirts must be in accordance with these Terms of use.

Styria Shirts reserves the right to modify these Terms of use at any time. By using the application, you certify that you are legally authorised to use the application and assume full responsibility for its use.

Please note that from the first order placed via our platform, you are considered as a professional. You may be asked to justify your legal status in order to access it. In addition, the relationship maintained by Styria Shirts with you is professional in nature: it is therefore not governed by the Consumer Code. Styria Shirts provides a service on your behalf: printing + shipping of products on your behalf. As soon as the parcel is delivered, you become the owner of the parcel and you are responsible for it.

We take care of production and dispatch. Therefore, we can also reject orders that do not meet our technical and organisational requirements. The same applies if we suspect that orders violate legal regulations or the rights of third parties.

Styria Shirts therefore invites the User to refer, on a regular basis, to the latest version of the Terms of use available at https://­styriashirts.­eu/­terms-of-use.


All prices are quoted and invoiced in Euros (€). Styria Shirts reserves the right to change them without notice.

Depending on your situation, VAT may be applied at the time of invoicing. The management of VAT is subject to strict legal rules. We invite you to enter your intra-community VAT number, if you have one, in the "Profile" section. Your VAT number will then be checked against the European Commission's VIES VAT number database. If the number is validated, your orders will be invoiced excluding VAT.

 If you are located in a country outside the European Union, you will be invoiced excluding VAT. 

If your company is located in the European Union (outside Slovenia) and you have an intra-community number, you will be invoiced excluding VAT.

 If you are located in the EU, but do not have an intra-community number, you will be charged 22% VAT. 

If you are located in Slovenia, in all cases, you will be invoiced with 22% VAT (the legal amount in force in Slovenia): the intra-community VAT number does not apply.

Regardless of the country to which you deliver your orders, your company's address is used for administrative services.

In summary, it is possible to obtain a VAT exemption if you have a business registered in the EU (outside Slovenia) and a valid VAT number or if your business is located outside the EU.


You may pay by any major credit card or debit card or PayPal.

Styria Shirts may collect your bank account number and sort code for use of paying earned commission as an Styria Shirts store owner. By submitting these details, you agree that Styria Shirts will store these details for future commission payments.

Product availability

Items shown on this website may not always be in stock, so you can expect a longer shipping time. If any of your chosen items is not in stock, you will be advised of our best estimate of availability and delivery date at the time you place your order. Please note that an indication of such dates is an estimate only, may be subject to change without notice, and does not constitute a contractual obligation by Styria Shirts to supply goods by a certain date. However, if availability is unduly delayed, we will use our best endeavours to keep you informed.

The products we offer in the application may be withdrawn from sale for various reasons (production stop by the supplier, supplier's stock shortage, choice of our company...) in which case we will notify you by email in order to proceed with the withdrawal of these from your website.

We propose to print only the products available in the application (and presented on our website). We do not sell blank products.

As part of our Print on Demand business, we will only print products that we make available to you. 

Product visuals and descriptions

Our application will give you an indication of the quality of your artwork: Artwork quality: poor; Artwork quality: average; or Artwork quality: good. If you choose to validate a visual of insufficient quality, we will not accept any complaints about the quality of the print. Furthermore, we never rework the artwork you upload to the application.

When you use our services, any product created by the application will be printed as presented on the final rendering (created by the application), the validation of the creation acts as a print approval. We do not accept any complaints such as "my visual is too high" as you are responsible for its placement.

Please note that the colour of images shown on this website may be affected by the technology used to access it. Whilst we do our best to faithfully reproduce colours, some variation may occur.

Product visuals – responsibility

Styria Shirts assumes no responsibility for copyrighted designs / graphics sent to us for printing.

By uploading or sending a visual, you validate that you are legally entitled to produce products with the visual in question.

Under no circumstances will Styria Shirts be held responsible for any copyright disputes, the responsibility rests entirely with you.

If you have the right to print copyrighted images, please send us a copy of the permission by email.

Styria Shirts will systematically refuse the printing of visuals inciting hatred of others, abusive language and generally any language prohibited by law.

Accepting orders and security

When you place an order we will treat it as an offer to buy. If we accept your order, we will send you a confirmation email with your order number, at which point we make a legal contract with you. However, we will be entitled to refuse to accept your order if we feel it necessary, in which case we will email you as soon as we can to let you know.

When you receive your email confirmation, you will have an opportunity to check the details and correct any errors.

In deciding whether to accept your order we may use the information you have given to us, or we already hold about you, or which we receive from any enquiry we may make with various agencies, to confirm your identity. This assists us to protect you and us from fraudulent transactions. If we decline your offer on security grounds we may contact you to seek an alternative payment method.

The turnaround time for an order is 2 to 5 working days. A working day starts at 7am and ends at 3pm, Monday to Friday. Slovene public holidays are not included in the working days. This time frame should not be considered as a guarantee of production times and should be considered as an average estimate. No compensation will be offered for orders that are not included in this estimate.


All prices exclude delivery and we ship worldwide. 

Our deliveries are contracted to outside carriers. The choice of carrier depends on the requirements and the type of package (volume, destination, etc.). Deliveries are made Mondays to Fridays (excluding holidays). Evening and Weekend deliveries are not available. All orders will be shipped with a tracking number that the user will have access to via the platform. All information regarding delivery can be found here.

We regret that we are unable to specify exact delivery times, we are only able to provide an estimate of days within which the order should be delivered. If goods are showing obvious signs of damage in transit upon receipt, please refuse to accept the delivery.

Styria Shirt cannot be held responsible for a delivery time that is not respected by the carrier, regardless of the reasons. There is no need to contact us before a period of 21 days after the order has been dispatched. In the event of force majeure (epidemic, national incident, natural disaster, transport strike, stock shortage beyond our control, etc.) we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time, and no compensation will be offered in this type of situation for which we cannot be held responsible.

If an order is not delivered or is delayed due to a lack of address information (incorrect address, incorrect country, etc.), you are responsible for this and Styria Shirts cannot be held responsible for delays or non-delivery.

Due to the bespoke nature of all our products, we would like to remind you that no compensation (refund or reshipment of an order) for non-delivery will be granted by Styria Shirts. The only possible exception to this rule is the recognition of the loss of the package by the carrier.

Packages may be subject to customs fees depending on the country of destination. These charges are calculated differently for each destination depending on the value and type of product. These charges are to be paid by the end customer, the recipient of the package. Under no circumstances shall Styria Shirts be responsible for these costs.

Cancellations & returns

When an order reaches us, it has a “paid” status. This is when you will be invoiced and debited for the order. When the order is ready to be printed, its status changes from “paid” to "in progress". Styria Shirts cannot replace or refund incorrect orders if they have been printed according to the details received at the time of ordering.

The order management panel of our platform (and not the dashboard of your webshop) is therefore authoritative: if an order appears there after an order has been placed (from your webshop or manually), it will be processed and then shipped. It is only possible to cancel an order if it is not yet in production. If you wish to cancel an order, you must act before this change of state.

Due to the bespoke nature of the products we sell, all cancellations must be made before 6.00 am of the next working day and therefore before production begins. After this time, your order will have gone into production (order status: “in progress”) and cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded under any circumstances. Please contact us immediately if you wish to cancel a paid order.

Styria Shirts is not able to accept returns from your customers for any reason. This is because our customised products are made-to-measure items, printed on demand. Due to the way our application works and our business model, there are an infinite number of designs that can be produced. As such, it would be impossible to sort, store and resell unwanted returns on behalf of all our users. If your customer simply does not like their order (size, pattern...) you are responsible for refunding them or accepting a return to your address. We insist on communicating your address on your website. You will be responsible for all replacement costs.

If your product, print, embroidery or any other embellishments are defective in any way, please refer to our Faulty Goods policy.

Transit damage

All goods are examined in detail by ourselves prior to dispatch to ensure that they leave our warehouse in perfect condition. However, transit damage unfortunately can occur. If your purchase is showing obvious signs of transit damage upon delivery, please refuse to accept delivery and notify us immediately. If damage is only evident upon opening of packaging, then you must inform us within 48 hours of receipt. In either case, we will then arrange re-delivery of replacement goods as soon as possible.

Faulty goods

If there is a manufacturing error in the printing process (design error, sizing error on our part...) or if an item is damaged during shipping, we ask you to provide us with a photo of the damaged product in question, a description of the problem and the order number. If the photo is not significant enough, we will ask you to return the product. Once we have received this information from you, and after we have determined that there is a clear quality problem, we will reprint and send a new product to your customer at no additional cost. It is important to make it clear to your customers that if their parcel shows obvious signs of damage in transit, they should refuse delivery and inform you immediately. Please note that all complaints regarding product quality must be reported within 14 days of purchase in order to be eligible for a reprint. These promises do not apply to faults caused by accident, neglect or misuse. In addition, certain cases (visual problem, lack of address...) may lead us to contact you to inform you of the problem in question in order to find a solution. If you do not reply within 30 days, the order will be cancelled without any refund from us.

In the event of a dispute in relation to an order, the applicable Terms of uses are the Terms and use in force at the time of the order.


Sales on this website are governed by Slovene law and you agree to submit any dispute to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Slovene courts. All orders are subject to these terms and conditions and no amendments will be accepted by us. These terms and conditions do not affect your legal rights.

These Terms of use regulate the business relationships between company Rogač d.o.o., registered in Slovenia under the number 5589142, Tržaška cesta 65, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, (hereinafter referred to as "Styria Shirts") and the customer when using the offers of the platform www.­styriashirts.­eu (hereinafter: Styria Shirts) and the services available there. Any other websites to which you link from this site may be governed by their own terms and conditions. We accept no responsibility or liability for the content of websites which are not under our control.

We are required by law to tell you that sales can be concluded in English, German & Slovene and that we do not file copies of customer contracts.

We do not guarantee that this website will be compatible with all customers' computers.


Styria Shirts owns the copyright in all materials on this site, which may be used, downloaded, copied, reproduced, republished, posted, broadcast, transmitted or linked only for your own personal and non-commercial use. You agree not to adapt, alter or create any derivative work from any material on this site, or to restrict or inhibit the use or enjoyment of this site by anyone else. It is not permitted to create any link to or from this website without our prior written consent.