Pricing and Payment

Payment options:

  • Credits

  • Debit / Credit Card

  • PayPal

Orders are never sent into production until they’ve been paid. You can review all your unpaid orders here.

You also have the options to buy and monitor credits here. If you have credits in your account, any order sent via an integrated website will automatically deduct from the credits and set the order to 'paid'. If there are insufficient credits, orders will not process until you either add credits or make a one-off payment via the card/PayPal method.


All prices are in EUR (€). Even if you choose to view the prices in a different currency, the prices on your final invoice will always be in euros. You can opt to see the prices with or without VAT.

You will receive all your invoices via email, after your goods are shipped.

Shipping costs

You can see our shipping options and prices here.