Shopify Order Statuses Troubleshooting

Shopify orders are not updating automatically

If you are experiencing fulfilment issues & your Shopify orders aren’t updating automatically, there’s two potential reasons why this could be happening:

1 - Automatic fulfilment is enabled

In your Shopify Settings, go to the Checkout section.

 Under Order Processing, locate the setting titled "After an order has been paid".

If you've chosen "Fulfil all of the order's line items automatically", our app might not be able to update your order statuses.

Change the setting to "Don't fulfill any of the order's line items automatically", for our app to handle the order statuses instead. Then Save to apply the changes.

Now all your future orders will be automatically updated by our app once they are shipped 🙂

Resolving existing order statuses

For existing orders that are shipped but haven't been updated in Shopify, you can manually update them by clicking "Cancel request" and then "Fulfil item".

2 - An order has had the "Request Fulfilment" option clicked.

This option can be found on the order details page within Shopify and allows you to manually request that an order be fulfilled.

If this button has been clicked, Styria Shirts won't be able to automatically update the order status.

Don’t use this option if you are using the Styria Shirts app; if it is clicked, we won’t be able to automatically update the order status.

Resolving the order status

To update the order status, click the three dots and "Fulfil Item".

Then, enter the tracking number from your Styria Shirts order, and select "Send shipment details to your customer". To complete, click "Send fulfilment request".

To prevent this from happening in future, please do not click the 'Request Fulfilment' button.