Many upgrades and changes came with the arrival of the new Stanley/Stella SS24 collection.

This post will update you on the upgrades and discon­tinu­ations of our Stanley/Stella products and also explain what actions you need to take in order to keep operations working smoothly.

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Upgrades to 2.0

2.0 versions of best-selling products have been introduced with the new Stanley/Stella collection. Styles such as Creator, Changer, Cultivator and many more have been improved. These upgraded 2.0 styles will replace the old styles.

Read more about the new collection here.

Actions you need to take

To keep things running smoothly and avoid any disruptions with your orders, we advise you to switch old versions of product to the 2.0 versions.

There are two ways you can do that:

Method 1 - Re-link Existing Product Listings:

In your Profile, head to Integrations and Re-Link products to the new 2.0 version according to our table.

You might need to remove or change some colours/sizes, as certain products might not be available in the same colours as the old styles.

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Method 2 – Export a New Product

Create a new product using the Design Tool and the new 2.0 versions of products and transfer existing product details (names, descriptions of products)

If you use this method, new mockups will automatically be uploaded.

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Old styles

If you are selling products with an old style, that product will remain available to you until we run out of stock. Once we run out of stock, the old style will be removed from the website.

Once stock is depleted, you will need to switch to 2.0 versions in order for your orders to be fulfilled.

If you're a new user who has not created any products with, you should proceed to create products with the 2.0 upgraded styles.

Discontinued Styles with Direct Replacements

Discontinued Style

Expected Availability

Upgraded to

Creator - STTU755

Until 30/04/2024

Creator 2.0

Cruiser - STSU822

Until 30/04/2024

Cruiser 2.0

Changer - STSU823

Until 30/04/2024

Changer 2.0

Mini Creator - STTK909

Until 30/04/2024

Mini Creator 2.0

Drummer - STSU812

Until 30/04/2024

Drummer 2.0

Discontinued Styles with Recommended Replacements

Discontinued Style

Expected Availability

Recommended Replacement

Fuser - STTU759

Until 30/04/2024

Creator 2.0 / Sparker 2.0 

Stella Expresser - STTW032

Until 30/04/2024

Stella Muser

Stella Jazzer - STTW039

Until 30/04/2024

Stella Serena

Mini Hopper - STTK907

Immediate discontinuation


Need Help?

We acknowledge that adjustments like these may cause confusion, and our support team is available to assist with any concerns you may encounter.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing trust and partnership as we navigate through this transition together. We're excited about the opportunity to provide you with enhanced products for print-on-demand.

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