How it works

5 easy steps for selling on-demand customised products in your online store:

1) Integrate your store

Connect your online store with Styria Shirts. At the moment we integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce and Etsy.  Once your online store is integrated, you no longer have to deal with the ordering process.

2) Pick your products

Our website offers over 200 quality products – from T-shirts, hoodies and accessories such as tote bags and headbands to a high-quality organic clothing line.  Just select the products you find most suitable for your business.

3) Customise

Design directly on products using our Design & Mockup tool. Simply upload your design and use our built-in tool to tweak & perfect it. We will provide you with realistic mockups of your finished designs, which you can download and use in your store.

4) Upload to your store

Once you’re done picking and designing your products, publish them in your online store.

5) Settle back & let us do the work

When an order is made, the ordered products are sent directly to production and later shipped to the costumer. While we do all the work, you can focus on developing other methods for expanding your brand such as marketing, designing, optimising your store and many others.