Branded pack-ins & packing slips

Enrich your customers’ unboxing experience with not only custom packaging but also extra custom packaging inserts. Packing inserts are a great way to surprise your buyers and showcase your brand.

Styria Shirts offers you the following packaging insert options:

  • branded stickers – free stickers are a great way to surprise your customer and leave a lasting impression.
  • flyers and coupons – inform your customers about special deals and share discounts.
  • custom thank-you cards – thank your customers by including a thank-you card with a custom message.
  • business cards – include a store link or your social network profiles.
  • custom packing slips – stick these to the outside of your packages and include a custom message & design.

How it works

1) Buy or create your own pack-ins

You can either find a supplier and buy them in bulk or create them yourself.

2) Send us your pack-ins

Mail your custom pack-ins to our fulfillment center.

3) Create a unique unboxing experience

Your pack-ins will be added to your orders and shipped to your customer’s door.